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Facebook Fox – Round 2!

Are you a hot tattooed lady or a fetish vixen?
Would you like to be published in Ink Fetish Magazine?
Enter our Facebook Fox Comp!

Here’s how it works
– Entry is open to all ladies worldwide, whether you’re an experienced model or just fancy yourself as one!
– To enter simply send us your photo (no nudity/pasties/implied nudity) using the message function on our page along with your name and location before the end of April and we’ll add you to the competition folder
– The winner will be the girl with the most “likes” at the end of May
– The winning girl will be featured as our Facebook Fox in the first second of Ink Fetish magazine with an interview
– Please note that we do not tolerate any bitcheyness on our page from models or voters, comp is open to all girls from every size, shape and age. Remember to play nice.
Good luck girls ♥
TO VOTE – Simply “like” the photo(s) of the girl(s) you think most deserve to win (in order to vote you need to like our page first) :)

Issue 1 is Here!

Ink Fetish Magazine


After a long wait, our first issue has arrived! Our amazing cover model is the wonderful Shelly d’Inferno!

We want to thank everyone for their support so far, as it’s been absolutely overwhelming. We also want to thank our contributors; writers, models, photographers alike! You have all helped to make this magazine become reality. We are really excited to get working on issue 2 and hope the support continues to be as amazing as it has been thus far (but we’re sure it will be). :)

Ink Fetish Magazine is here! Buy your print & digital copies here!

Welcome to Ink Fetish!

Welcome to the official website for Ink Fetish Magazine. We are currently under construction and it may be a little while before the website is complete. Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, suggestions and submissions!